Sorry! for being so late as I was busy with my other work. Anyways, I have written few statements explaining SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of improving the position of a web pages in search engines. This is the process of making a website 'search engine friendly'. Search Engine Optimization is primarily used to increase rankings in SERP's (Search Engine Result Page's) & effective SEO can increase the potential of your website & bring in more traffic.
Here are some famous search engines :

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo!
  3. MSN
  4. Alexa
  5. Ask

Need for Search Engine Optimization

It is very difficult for any company to take consideration how well it's website will rank in search engines & directories. There are many steps that a company must take in order to maximize a websites success in search engines & directories. Many people think of search engine & directories as the same thing. In reality there is a big difference between them.

One of the first things to understand is the difference between search & engines & directories which I will tell u in my next post.


Hi! guys you are welcome to my blog. Actually, this is my first blog & I was thinking what should I write & on which topic. After spending few days on thinking, it clicked in my mind that why not to write on blog itself. I want to write something on my blog & so I started with. Here have written some few statement on blog till which I know. What is Blog?

It is essentially a record that a person or even a company keep of their thoughts, work etc online so some people write blogs to just share their life experiences with friends.
Here are some blog sites which I use:

  5. &

Every blog is almost a bit like a newsletter with a short story, some pictures & comments made by users. Most interestig part is a comment cos they allow your visitors to interest with your site.

SEO point of view

Linking point of view, comments allow us to lead visitors to our site from a popular blog & of course, get SEO benefit too. However, it's not that easy. When blogs were first created, all SEO's started using them for link work & soon all blog comment were just link spam.

Track your visitors

Once you engage yourselves in the blogs, start reading it, using it, providing an opinion that means you have already done the first rule of blog marketing. By analytics, wordpress, as well as feed burner we can see who read it, how long , which article, where they come from, what toll they used to read the Blog/RSS Feed etc whether you voted, what you voted etc.

Thanks for spending your valuable time. I will appreciate your comments & suggestion for improving my writting skills & to write my next blog(topic not decided yet).